Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tip of the Day: Valor

Valor®, promotes feelings of strength, courage, and protection.

What others have to say:

"My daughter's spine went from a 19% curve to a 7% (normal) curve in only 3 months of rubbing it on her feet every night. Love it!"  - Terri S.

"My 6 year old asks for it every morning before school. It has made a big difference in his ability to focus and stay grounded at school. Hooray for Valor!!"  - Auburne O.

"Prevents my snoring, but also Restless Legs Syndrome, which eliminates sleeplessness & fidgeting, and promotes rest and energy for next morning/day!!!!!"  - David C.

"My No. 1 - FAVOURITE! YL Essential Oil. It's the one that made a "believer" out of me! I use it on my palms, soles of feet, on my heart centre. It noticeably strengthens me. It cured the "jumpies" - the startle reflex I had developed as a symptom of Anxiety. It elevates my mood. Simply put, I can not be (my best self) without it!"  - Katrina S.

"I was having jaw pain from stress. My dentist said it was TMJ and was going to prescribe a mouth guard, etc. I told him I would try my oils first. I read that Valor could help TMJ, so I applied it at night before bed. After two days my jaw pain totally disappeared! I thank The Lord for Young Living Essential Oils!"  - Noel C.


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