Friday, May 31, 2013

Tip of the Day: Peppermint

Young Living’s peppermint essential oil can help you stay cool during hot summer months.

What others have to say:

"This stuff really works on heart burn and up set tummy's. My kids use it when they aren't feeling well:) GREAT"  - Angie C.

"Peppermint works wonders on a headache too."  - Lorraine Y.

"Great as an insect (read mosquito) repellent, and good for taking away the itch after being bitten."  - Jean E.  

"Just 2 drops in the home diffuser and you really feel how the temperature in the room is cooling down!"  - Agnes F. 

"I've used it to reduce a fever, I put it on my feet bottoms in the heat and I put it in ice cubes for the water when it's too hot out."  - Peggy B. 


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