Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tip of the Day: Sandalwood

 Sandalwood essential oil is used for a variety of purposes such as promoting healthy, beautiful skin and encouraging deeper meditation.


What others have to say...

"Really great to put on spots on your skin that may be pre-cancerous; helps in healing them and preventing future biopsies and basal cell discoveries (or worse)."  - Jan F.

"Another Ancient Oil good for skin growths, age spots, moles etc. Non-toxic too. Safe!"  - Vicki K.

"Great on my rosacea along with lavender!"  - Lynn W.

"It works great for insomnia...just a drop or two under the nose. Even products with it such as 3 Wise Men are exellent for getting to sleep on difficult nights before a big day."  - Crissy B.

"My best friend had both breasts removed plus a FULL hysterectomy due to cancer. Her doctor had her on brutal HRT & she was miserable. I had her try my Dragon Time & P+ and she felt better, quickly. After checking with her doctor, she switched to those oils & a few other natural supplements & is doing well."  - Sarah H.

"This is a huge oil in our house. We use it for hiccups, acid reflux, hearburn and relaxation for our friends who have ADD wonderful little bottle full of blessings."  - Alicia A.

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