Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tip of the Day: Helichrysum

Helichrysum contains restorative properties.

What others have to say: 

"My friend's 4 year old daughter pulled 2/3 of her fingernail off one weekend. Helichrysum stopped the bleeding and pain quickly!"  - Eileen B.

"My daughter almost lost the tip of her finger in October 2012. It was turning black and Doctors feared that they would have to amputate the tip of her finger. We purchased Helichrysum. She applied it and kept a bandage on it with the oil and the next day it was turning pink again. She continued use for several months and it is now completely healed and the doctors could not believe how quickly it healed. Helichrysum is one of those miracle oils!!"  - Jana D.

"Good for nerve damage. Also use for ringing in ears. Put on mastoid bone and ringing disappears."  -JoAnn M.

"Used it on a nosebleed, which stopped it in its tracks. Quite amazing!"  Barbara P.

"I have been using it on my varicose veins for 6 weeks, they aren't gone, but they have improved. Not as much bulging and almost no pain at all with them!"  - Christina M.

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