Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oils are Great for Babies!

Baby massage therapy can calm your crying baby and also calm a fussy baby for a relaxed breastfeeding session. Infant massage has other benefits too…YL Essential Oil's have a variety of oils that are safe to use on baby along with a carrier oil.

The benefits of infant massage
- Constipation
- Helps with Asthma
- Improving circulation
- Improves sensory awareness
- Skin conditions like eczema (Lavender or Gentle Baby)
- Enhances the growth of muscles
- Boost your baby’s immune system
- Baby relaxation for a cranky baby (Lavender)
- Increases neurological development
- Relieve pain from colic and teething (Lavender, Peppermint)
- Touch benefits like bonding between parents and child (Gentle Baby)
- Improves self-esteem, body image and social functioning
- Relaxing for parent too (good way for dad to bond with baby)
- Helps your baby sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time

We use essential oils on our son almost every day!  We love that they are gentle, safe, effective and so easy to use!  We don't have to wait for a prescription to be filled, or even wait for them to start "taking effect!"  We are almost always able to see results just minutes after application!  Ask me how you can obtain the Everyday Oils Collection and start using them on your little ones...and yourself!!

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