Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ningia Red to the Rescue!

Since giving birth to our son in January I just haven't felt like my usual productive, organized, motivated on-top-of things self.  Having a baby takes a toll on a woman's body and caring for a child is constantly on a new-mother's mind.  While I love our son and am so thankful God has blessed our lives with him, I was feeling down a lot.  I had little energy, couldn't focus well, and was very scatter-brained.  That combination right there is not conducive to productivity.  At all.  At the beginning of October, we started drinking one ounce of Ningia Red a day.  Within just a couple days I was starting to feel like my pre-mommy self!  I was amazed!  That small ounce of super-food packed Ningxia Red gave me the nutrients I needed to feel energized, focused, and finally be productive again!  I love Ningxia Red and the wonderful health benefits this beverage provides!

My husband who works one to three 12 hour days often found himself needing to buy a Mountain Dew to help him make it through the day.  Since he started drinking Ningxia Red, he hasn't had to buy ANY!  He is working 56-60 hours a week and still has energy to spend time with our family when he comes home from work.

Both of us feel better physically and mentally thanks to our Ningxia Red!